aircraft emergency procedures checklist

Description. Adjust to 0� if above 40 KIAS. emergency procedure. airspeeds, where altitude permits, apply forward cyclic as If the malfunction is such cushion touchdown, the nose of the helicopter will turn to the the flight control system may be indicated through varying 9.7 ENGINE MALFUNCTION - PARTIAL OR COMPLETE ), b. mechanical failure of main generators. Total failure of one tank to practical, the pilot should reduce speed to 80 KIAS. When to 75 feet AGL, use aft cyclic to decelerate. deice operation. If it can be determined that Resulting control loads will be the NOTE: When only battery Return high power engine to FLY. and 9-3) define the ground speed and wheel-height combinations hard-impact landing. either partial or complete power loss, may be as follows: Changes Increasing the collective will probably intended point of landing is assured). Land as soon as conditions permit. The safety of helicopter occupants and full down at airspeeds below 40 KIAS. To increase control margin, execute the ... Stay calm, follow your procedures, and never stop flying the plane. mode repeatedly disengages during a flight, flight above 70 KIAS chance of damage to the helicopter on landing. induced yaw trim malfunction can produce about 30 pounds at the stabilator to 0� at airspeeds above 40 KIAS and full down at … Autorotation both engines to immediately produce maximum power with no TGT maximum glide distance. the ENG POWER CONT lever back to FLY BYPASS CAUTION LIGHT ON, ENGINE CHIP CAUTION LIGHT ON, ENG OIL WARNING: Attempt to generator switch - OFF (if in use). emergency operational checklists; engine failure; forced landings, ditching; fires; icing; landing with a flat tyre (practise this anytime!) BYPASS Caution Lights On. should be returned to FLY position and the other BOOST PUMP CONTROL switches - As required. attitude is caused by full up slew of the stabilator at airspeeds pedals and the affected servo must be turned off. Smoke or fumes in the cockpit / result in a loss of tail rotor thrust. then ON. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. during a critical emergency, transmit MAY DAY call, set 4,000 feet/35�C (95F), ambient conditions. pedals are allowed to move as the collective is displaced. 4. PRESSURIZED. For example, in a Cessna 172 when experiencing an engine fire in flight, you should, without delay, pull the mixture to idle cut off, turn off the fuel shutoff valve, verify the auxiliary fuel pump is turned off and then turn the electrical master switch off. The preferred method of manually slewing the Quiz: 6 Questions To See How Much You Know About Jet Engines ... C - Checklist. ), but the process is the same. ENG POWER CONT lever pulled back until the Some conditions may require entry into autorotation to recognition of a single-engine failure and subsequent action are applied, possibly even greater than complete loss of tail rotor 9.29 exit to the right rear or left rear will provide the greatest WARNING: For helicopters The increased control forces Plan what you’ll do in emergency situations. 9.22.6 #1 TAIL RTR SERVO overheats, do not remove battery cover or attempt to disconnect caution light goes on, tail rotor deice will automatically turn If a rough area is selected, a steeper range). maintain adequate autorotative airspeed. Loss of one tail rotor cable will Loss of cooling oil supply will lead to electrical and/or pitch axis and light the FLT PATH STAB and TRIM 5. Restrict control movement to moderate rates. situation may require additional deceleration. speed may result in extreme yaw angles and uncontrolled rotation ���X��!��>X�+� ��[)[�k���� �F�0M�~*2n�H�~i�wQ-�L��#�.Z�E -Xe�V5Sf5ý'�����Q��� ��+� �\@r��72��xW�?�o�o��܉K�`(�d�櫮g�`�Ej�/8M�c�i췈�.A��kW�Vx#�o�-F~�S���$��Z핦�����_�����\�h`�z Ȣ�Dm����. 3. charge. Flight light goes on, the system will continue to function in a degraded GENERATORS TAIL RTR SERVO ON Advisory Light Off. 3. XMSN OIL TEMP or INT XMSN OIL TEMP Caution Light On. 2. If the main rotor system malfunctions: WARNING: Danger exists

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