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Ulises liked Cassette interface for FPGAs. create a .htm text file with the HTML code for your ideal list, then, run the HTML code by opening the .htm file with an Internet browser, then. Give Feedback Terms of Use Contact I like, adjust the animation upon your wish. Note: If you continue editing the Hack A Day page after you made a HTML code injection, the next paragraph will keep the modified format, so you need to apply the same technique to come back to normal. The Feed page is now totally cluttered with buttons, pictures, icons, descriptions, recommendations, comment boxes and so many other unwanted elements. If you need those buttons, then remove the line, Note: the above steps to add a custom filter are for Mozilla Firefox. djuttien liked 3D-printable shredder. The picture will enter in edit mode. Looking through some modern 555 variants, I noticed that they've been getting faster and faster. In a log entry I could not reproduce the alignment from his page:, because the editor was eating some of the style attributes when the log was saved. 3D-prints ;-), A minimal 6502 computer that can be programed machine language without PCs, Safe and convenient power for HP 35/45/55 Calculators. is the world's largest collaborative Still, side by side can be done as a table, but it doesn't look to good: You can further stretch the idea, and make a log entry to look like a gallery. For this example, google. Maybe you live in a country where a firewall prevents you from accessing the full Web, and blocks Tor entry nodes as part of their Great Firewall. If it's not already selected, click on the "Elements" tab from the new window. And once all boards are installed - can full MSX2 compatibility be achieved? This log entry is a perfect example of how Retardo DaVinci was I.Just press TAB, and you will have a nested list.Thanks [Matt], for bringing me back to Planet Earth! skohll liked DIY Smartglasses with the Raspberry Pi!. This is just to alleviate the guilt for skulling yourself. Learn More,,, Even worst then skulling yourself: Follow Yourself, A list inside another list & template to copy/paste, Setting up the Freescale software development tools, [Matt]'s experiment: short links, keep only what's needed,,, [Stefan Lochbrunner]'s idea: Side by side images, Add animated pictures: no hack, just a how-to, [Matt]'s request: Italics, centered, under picture, Go to 'Filter preferences... Ctrl+Shift+E', Check 'Element Hiding Rules' and show the filters list 'Action' -> 'Show/hide filters Ctrl+R', Hover the mouse over your profile icon and remember your ID number, Go to your profile page (e.g. The button was named something like "See if you like our New Feed" or something. Anyway, meek was invented to help bring the uncensored Internet to people who live in oppressive regimes, and now cybersecurity researchers have observed it being used by Russian state hackers to hide their tracks. Imagine that you wanted to communicate with the Tor anonymizing network, but that you didn’t want anyone to know that you were. More then that, [Matt] found out that the text doesn't really matter at all: Document your progress as you move forward. You may want to change the project ID with your own project number. About Us Inside the CDN, it’s unencrypted and passed along to the reflector. Click on the newly inserted image. A kick-ass high-power ARM board with everything you need -- and small enough to fit in your pocket. For Chrome, the AddBlockPlus filter is the same, and can be added in the AddBlockPlus menu 'Options' -> 'Add your own filters' Contact Add team members to your projects and work together in a private collaboration space. With over 65,000 members, will enhance your next project with community, support and broad visibility. For Chrome, the AddBlockPlus filter is the same, and can be added in the AddBlockPlus menu 'Options' -> 'Add your own filters'. Learn More. The Cost Of Moving Atoms In Space; Unpacking The Dubious Claims Of A $10 Quintillion Space Asteroid, The Shipping Industry’s Transition To Atomic Power And Faster Deliveries, “Enhance” Is Now A Thing, But Don’t Believe What You See. That’s what meek does, but it goes one step further. OK, so "Life's hard, and then you die", now what? Write your text as usual, then insert first image. Traffic to the CDN, encrypted with TLS, looks the same whether it’s going to the meek reflector or to Google, so nobody on the outside can tell whether it is a search query or packets destined for Tor. Privacy Policy It is 7.4" 3-Color E-Ink units that cost $12 on eBay. We've got it all under control, 4 bit, 8 bit, tiny, micro, diy laptops, rebuilds, restorations & computers in a can, About Us ", remains a mystery: So what exactly I am notified about?I have no idea, but wait, there's more: Maybe there are reasons why some people refuse to have a Facebook account. He experimented to see what is really needed, and found out you can drop the name-title part. The CDN has an IP address, like every other computer on the Internet, but it delivers content for any of the various services it hosts. Ken Yap wrote a comment on Feedback - Most of the browsers does not play APNG. in the element's HTML code window, identify where your list start. From the 'Position' drop-down box, pick 'Left', then save. After you end editing your HaD log, you may want to open your log with 2-3 different Internet browsers, just to be sure that most of the people will see an animation, not just a static picture. Any signal loss along the path from the tower to the receiver is then compared to signal loss on a clear day, and increased loss is mapped as water vapor density in air. Modified Chroma74 shelf label to be my weather station display. A hack based on "HTML Injection". By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. That is why you can simply copy paste a list from another webpage into your project log, then modify it as you wish. Learn more, Alfred Jones Talks About The Challenges Of Designing Fully Self-Driving Vehicles, Garrett Augustus Morgan Made The World Safer. Your project is beautiful,You should give yourself a skull! Ouch. For the project Wi-Fi Reflow Oven, a list inside another list was necessary to describe all the steps for Setting up the Freescale software development tools. Sigh. LED turned on full brightness. The Feed is so cluttered that the only question this page should answer, "What are the last x things I am notified about? The CDN has an IP address, like every other computer on the Internet, but it delivers content for any of the various services it hosts. I wanted to see how fast you could make a similar circuit using fast comparators and logic gates. of Useful when you want an online editing feature that is not available otherwise. Since then, I have no idea what exactly I am notified about on my Feed page. Ouch.

. Now on Anyway, given the look of the "new" Feed page, I asked if I could get the old format back, but no answer:, Then, an Internet Award was granted to the web designers that designed the "new" feed look, but still no answer from them: You’d want to send traffic somewhere innocuous first, and then bounce it over to Tor, in order to communicate freely. You can change the speed, resize, crop and so on, open a new browser tab, then drag and drop the saved animation to it, to check the result. This is a Walking ATAT using 8 Servos. This is a 8x8 WS2812b NeoPixel LED matrix that is completely flat surface and has the same 1.6mm height as a normal PCB. In the new window, the selected row is your element you want to modify. Find related projects and build on the shoulders of giants. If not, add it manually, so the text in the Address Bar will be the same as in the example. If you don't know what tag to add/modify/delete, open a new Chrome tab and google it. Wearable prototype breadboard used as LED wristwatch, Powersupply for raspberry pi that includes an UPS, power button function and remembers its last state. functionality, and advertising cookies. This project is my attempt to find out. Resize the picture from the lower-right white box, and make it smaller then half of the page. Note: Some browsers use to mangle the word "JavaScript:" from the Address Bar. Apply the steps described in the first log entry but instead, right click on your first picture and adjust your code to look something like that: Note: In fact, it is possible all the time to do it from the HaD Editor, just that it never cross my mind to try it from the GUI.

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