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They have made clear guidelines and expectations. Presumably, most of the 22% who are against using the statistic either don’t understand it or struggle to communicate its worth to their management team. How to Start a Subscription-Based Business That Makes Money... Top 19 Creator Tools & Software to Help Creators Build a... Only 14% of influencer posts sampled were fully compliant with FTC guidelines, Nearly 90% of all influencer campaigns include Instagram as part of the marketing mix, Large companies have nearly doubled the amount of creators they activate per campaign in the past 2 years. And most recently, at Whalar, my favorite is the MAC Cosmetics #MoodFlip Hashtag Challenge on TikTok which launched a few weeks ago and has amassed 4B views. 380 new influencer marketing-focused platforms and agencies entered the market over the last 12 months. That’s it. Fultz: Axe’s “Instagroom” year long rebranding campaign featuring 30 male creators. 78% of our survey respondents claimed that they ran their influencer campaigns in-house, with the remaining 22% opting to use agencies or managed services for their influencer marketing. It is hard to believe that businesses would have gone backward in their influencer marketing practices. They are regularly in front of large super targeted audiences that people pay to gain access to — albeit now virtually. In other words, there are now 10 micro-influencers for every mega-influencer, compared with 3 micro-influencers per celebrity in 2016. While their study is not identical to ours (they use slightly different engagement bands), the results still come to the same conclusion. A mere 14% of respondents reported finding appropriate influencers to be easy. 34% (up from last year’s 30%) gave a more definitive belief that brand safety is always a concern. We have regularly seen that businesses have a variety of objectives when they create influencer marketing campaigns. At this rate, it won’t be long before this number exceeds 100,000 searches for the year. Back in 2015, Facebook was included in 75% of all influencer campaigns. Influencer marketing is a complex system that is often instantaneously affected by changes in political or social trends. Instagram is synonymous with the hashtag, however in 2020 brands and creators have picked up on the fact that upping your hashtags doesn’t always mean upping engagement. You are here: We did not ask a separate question about using third-party-developed tools, so these results are not strictly comparable. We made a definite conclusion: influencers with a high number of followers have lower engagement than those with fewer followers. However, that hasn't happened yet – brands and marketers can still see the effectiveness of influencer marketing and are not yet searching for something new. The only negative of using this measure is that the calculation of EMV can be complicated. Interestingly, the percentages are the same for both influencer fraud questions. We worked with a producer, Cael Dadian, to create an original song for the brand. Many of these come courtesy of our partner. And we’ve only just scratched the surface on the possible integrations. Providing great companies with the recognition they deserve. On the brand side, the DTC space is more nimble with a lot less red tape which makes it easier to incorporate an integrated approach which is important to hit KPI’s. Being transparent where the dollars are going and sharing the data they have access to are key components to success. My company, Whalar is the only global partner to five social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok which not only means rich first party data but also access to all the cool private beta features like TikTok’s creator shopping program — The ability to tie video views from a specific influencer to actual purchases — that’s huge and something we’re very excited to pilot with a brand for a case study. Creating compelling content your customers will love. 75% of The Drum Magazine readership are senior management or above. I explore personal branding and storytelling in the digital age. An additional 23% plan to allocate 20-30% of their total marketing spending to influencer marketing. A colossal 84% of them admitted to having upped the amount of content they produced. Hopefully, it will soon merely be a chapter in the history of the industry. The third popular reason favored by 19% of our respondents (down from 23%) found for working with influencers is distribution. It is perhaps a concern that this group is noticeably higher than last year’s  21% who lacked concern. In May 2020, the use of #ad was down 35% compared to the previous quarter. Back in 2015, there were just 190 influencer platforms and agencies. Instagram quietly rolled out their Live Shopping Feature in private beta a few weeks ago which I’m very excited to pilot with a brand. Judging by the recent uptake in influencer marketing, much of this increase in content must be made and delivered by influencers on behalf of brands. That is not yet the main objective for running influencer campaigns, but it is growing in importance. All rights reserved. The key to a successful influencer marketing campaign is matching your brand with influencers, whose fans are similar to your preferred customers, and whose values match your own. On the side, I’ve represented the U.S. as part of an inaugural delegation through the Mayor of London's office and often lead workshops and summits around storytelling and personal branding. It can sometimes be exceptionally time-consuming for little reward. There has been much more publicity regarding influencer fraud of late, and there are more robust fraud solutions  now available. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice. All these percentages are down on last year, because 7% of the respondents have different ideas on this topic, opting for Other as the most important criterion when evaluating influencers. Here are the main results from our Influencer Marketing 2020 Study, along with a selection of other relevant recent statistics we have found. Indeed these statistics highlight how pitiful the engagement rates can be for mega-influencers, particularly on Twitter (with just 0.008% engagement and Facebook (0.01% engagement). In some ways, this is something of a backstep from last year's results. Even nano-influencers struggle to make much headway on these two platforms, (0.17% Twitter, 0.42% Facebook), so it is clear why so many brands prefer to use Instagram for their influencer marketing. As recently as 2018, 76% of marketers in a Linqia study claimed that the most significant influencer marketing challenge that year would be determining their campaign ROI. It indicates what an equivalent advertising campaign would cost for the same effect. In 2019, searches for the phrase “influencer marketing” rose to 70,000. Influencer marketing is of course, only part of the marketing mix. It can be challenging to ensure that your team meets every milestone of your marketing... Subscription-based business models are nothing new. Brands traditionally thought in terms of influencer marketing campaigns. Indeed it ranked as the topmost downloaded non-gaming app in Apple iOS App Store for Q1 2019, with more than 33 million downloads. Other traditional platforms to lose favor between 2015 and 2018 were Twitter and YouTube. We asked those survey respondents who ran campaigns in-house what they saw as the greatest challenges they faced. It has grown rapidly every year since then. EMV calculates the worth you receive from content shared by an influencer. One of the most significant advantages of influencer marketing over social activity using official company accounts is the ease with which you can scale the activity. It hasn’t kept that position every month since launch; however, it has always performed well. This is a drop from last year’s 86% result, although still well up from the 37% who claimed they would dedicate a budget in 2017. Some brands, however, have undertaken influencer marketing on a large-scale, with 5% of those surveyed admitting to working with 100-1000 influencers. Indeed 68% claim to have experienced influencer fraud, up from 63% last year. The most valuable real estate is not in feed. CreatorIQ’s data comes from tens of thousands of influencer marketing campaigns and posts piloted through their platform by their clients. A further 13% stated that they were unsure about how their influencer marketing budgets would change. On the surface, this looks like fewer firms use tools than a year ago, but it is essential to realize that the survey questions have changed concerning this. Influencer marketing is a complex system that is often instantaneously affected by changes in political or social trends.

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