laser cutting aluminum problems

Aluminum Cutting System. ico-arrow-default-right. The biggest problem with laser and plasma cutting is heat. What are the Problems of Cutting and Photo Etching Aluminum. Hardening can be useful for many applications because it increases product durability, but it also limits the amount of machining that can be done, making post-cut threading or deburring difficult. The laser used for this purpose should not only have higher output power, more importantly, better beam time and space control characteristics. Fiber Optic Lasers (“fiber lasers”) are the most advanced laser cutting technology today. COVID-19 Response: Source manufacturers & distributors providing COVID-19 medical supplies In this case, if no problems with other parameters, the following cases should be considered: This is because the pulse perforation is used when machining small holes with high power laser cutting machine, which causes the laser energy concentrated in a small area, resulting in burnt of non-processed area and deformation of the hole. For small power laser cutting machine, pulse perforation should be adopted in the small hole processing to obtain a good surface finish. Our behind the scenes facilities and operations a testament to this. However, lasers are less efficient on light-reflective or heat-conductive metals, like aluminum or copper, and require specific modifications to shape these materials. Of course this will have effect on the dross. It oxidizes readily and actually becomes fuel for the etching reaction. The specific methods are as follows: (1) changing the pulse width; (2) changing the pulse frequency; (3) changing the pulse width and frequency at the same time. Address: 13F, Building 5, Qisheng Mansion, High-Tech Zone, Jinan, 250101 China. Laser technology has several unique attributes that affect the quality of its cuts. For the occurrence of the above situation, you should first consider the factors that will cause the burr during the cutting of low carbon steel. Enlist Your Company ico-arrow-default-right. By definition, laser cutting is a process of melting the material in its path, so the work piece will be subjected to high temperatures. In the case of new nozzle shortage, increase the gas pressure for laser cutting. Air or nitrogen is commonly used as auxiliary gas to reduce hole expansion due to exothermic oxidation. Aluminum melts at about 1200 degrees F. The plasma stream is about 25,000 degrees. Aluminum and other reflective metals, such as copper, brass, bronze, gold and silver, reflect back wavelengths that are directed at them. Email:. For metal cutting machines, typical beam widths of .006-.016". These factors vary according to the type of laser used. Fax:+83-531-81180745 Generally, the size of the hole is related to the thickness of the plate. As laser cutting systems continue to improve in their capacity, production rates, and cost-efficiency. Note: Always check with the laser supplier that the system is designed for processing aluminium before attempting to cut it. Thomas Regional® are part of Aluminium is more reflective than C-Mn steel or stainless steel and has the potential to cause damage to the laser itself. We can handle the demands of any project—reflective materials or otherwise. Most laser cutting machines use a laser beam aligned normal to a flat sheet of material. How should we overcome it? More than anything, we feel this demonstrates that Mainstay is a serious organization, capable of handling any demands. Some CNC programs offer “flying optics” capabilities that allow a laser to shape material while the cutting head is in motion. 10,000W laser cutting or plasma for sheet metal cutting?-Flora, Three focus modes of metal laser cutting machine-Jenny, The relationship between the cutting focus and metal material-Ariel, How to mark different colors with fiber laser-Ariel. A pulsed laser with high peak power is used to melt or vaporize a small amount of material. When cutting thicker materials, cutting speed slows, and cut quality lessens. Generally speaking, the addition of alloying elements to the metal, particularly aluminum, reduces the reflectivity of the material. The focus is not in the right position, the focus position test should be performed to correct the offset. Unlike standard-grade or carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel are light-reflective and heat-conductive metals.

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