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“They took everything,” he told his social media followers. “They just looted Politics.”. When he couldn't get close to the store by car, Daniel got out and ran. Protester dies after getting hit by car in Bakersfield, California. All afternoon, people came by to check on the store. Scoping what’s in some of these units.”. Looters and vandals attacked storefronts, windows and police vehicles in downtown Dallas overnight following largely peaceful protests over the Minnesota police killing of … Colling said as he surveyed the damage at a business center he owns off Shady Trail in northwest Dallas. Some property owners are also hard at work. White man dies trying to protect his business with a sword from looters in Dallas. ‘I’m angry and hurt’: Deep Ellum shop cleans up after looters smashed window and grabbed sneakers, Still deciding about shopping on Black Friday? Another said he was part of a group of veterans who volunteered their tactical gear to protect the store from future protests. Power is still out at this business, There’s roof damage, and debris everywhere. Owner Jason Walker explained, ”We’re managing hour by hour, minute by minute, and day by day right now.”. A customer brought a box of doughnuts and a plant, “for new beginnings.”. Inside, employee Mike Hayes dribbled a basketball after most of the cleaning was done. They wanted to come right away, but live far away in Wylie. Charles Scudder, Staff writer. Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have devastated Texas and Florida, leaving debris, flooding, damage, and destruction in their wake. Young punk kids walking around here with backpacks. Charlie Scudder is a general assignment reporter and has worked on the features and news desks for six years. It happened Saturday night in Dallas... as looters descended on the man's store, who was using a sword, allegedly trying to defend himself and his business. He told his employees that the store was closed, but they showed up anyway to clean and hang out. The looters, Daniel and the other employees joked, would probably be disappointed when they realized they got away with the displays, which are only filled with left-foot shoes. Some of his tenants have also hired private security to scare uninvited strangers away. Copyright © 2020 The Dallas Morning News. Daniel, who is black, says that he understands why people in Dallas and across the country are protesting and that he supports the demonstrations. Right on the Money: How to avoid contractor fraud, 'I'm just thankful we're all alive': Dallas family hides under stairs during tornado, 9 tornadoes confirmed from Sunday's storms in North Texas. “It’s a good family.”. Daniel estimated at least $100,000 worth of damage. Just a few looters were still there, but when Daniel turned on the lights, they dropped the shoes they had snagged and ran off. Walker explained, ”We’ve got roofers up right now, trying to make sure our building is covered. Protester dies after getting hit by car in Bakersfield, California, Retired police captain shot dead in St. Louis while trying to protect store against looters, Man shot dead in Downtown Indianapolis amid George Floyd protests, Man shot in the face with rubber bullet while peacefully protesting in Dallas, Looter dies trying to rob Fedex truck in St. Louis, Suspected looter shot dead by Minneapolis pawn shop owner during riots over death of George Floyd, Unarmed Black man dies after Minneapolis Police officer kept kneeling on his neck during arrest, Rapper Mo3 shot and killed on freeway in Dallas, Man shot dead during Breonna Taylor protests in Kentucky, Cops release surveillance video of pawn shop shooting that left police captain David Dorn dead, GRAPHIC: Woman shot in the head with rubber bullet by police in La Mesa, San Diego, Aftermath of girl shot in the head with rubber bullet, fired by police during Minneapolis protests, Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Raw Video: Black jogger chased and shot to death by father and son in Georgia, Man shot in the head, left with brain spilled all over floor in Nigeria, Off-duty police officer kills beverage distributor in Brazil, 24-year-old man fatally shot in the chest and mugged outside housing project in Harlem, Man shot dead and pistol whipped inside bar in Trinidad and Tobago, NAGORNO-KARABAKH: Azerbaijani soldiers behead Armenian soldier and put his head on a pig, Drug trafficker gunned down by rivals in broad daylight in the slums. In Houston, numerous alleged looters have already been caught: Kellen Daniel was angry, sprinting down Malcolm X Boulevard in Deep Ellum, hoping he’d get there in time to save the sneaker store he manages. “It hits a little different,” he said. It’s a small, tight-knit group. White man dies trying to protect his business with a sword from looters in Dallas. And the little bit they’ve got left, these creeps want to come and steal it! ”I have 35 different people in here,” R.G. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy, Stand with us in our mission to discover and uncover the story of North Texas. At Allied Plastic Supply, nearby, workers are also busy. We’ve got guys putting doors in, because rain is coming and we’ve got to make sure that we’re keeping everything inside dry.”. He said he was so mad at the people who were running off with Nikes and Adidas that the next several minutes were a blur. Business owners say for now, they will remain vigilant on all fronts. Strangers offered to help. I mean, what’s wrong with people? The shop opened in Deep Ellum last fall, and has become a source of community for sneaker-heads across North Texas. Officers are allowing people to walk into the area. “I wouldn’t look at it as a win for activists.”. Colling added, ”Here you’ve got someone that’s lost everything they own. Then, the 'lookie-loos' followed. Just a few shoes remained on the shelves Saturday. A lone shoe from Sneaker Politics sits in the middle of Main Street in Deep Ellum east of downtown Dallas. Wanting to use the bathroom. All rights reserved. The racks of clothes were empty. He knew a small group of protesters had smashed a window of the shop, Sneaker Politics, after a night of otherwise peaceful protests against the killing of black Americans by police officers. Neighbors say part of the problem is police have the roads blocked off. Still, he says, hitting local businesses — especially stores like Sneaker Politics that are a source of community, he said — sends the wrong message. He didn’t sleep well, he said, and was back just a few hours later. Hayes pulled a yellow face mask over his nose and mouth and opened Snapchat on his phone. Hayes said he has protested before for the same reasons that the crowds marched Friday night. Some residents in North Dallas complain damage isn't the only thing that's stressing them out after this week's storm. I chased around nine or 10 looters out of here. “But when you go to the level where you’re destroying mom-and-pop shops that help build the community, that’s nonsense.”. “It’s weird to say, but it’s deeper than just sneakers and clothes,” Daniel said. ‘I get that all the time,’ says Prescott, 5 thoughts from Cowboys-Washington: Terrible fake punt call dooms Dallas, and its season appears over, Cowboys lose starting OTs Cameron Erving, Zack Martin on opening drive vs. Washington, The top places to see Christmas lights and other holiday displays in Dallas-Fort Worth. Most of them moved to Dallas this year after working at Sneaker Politics stores in Louisiana. Man shot dead in Downtown Indianapolis amid George Floyd protests . But to see a small group that chose to smash windows and steal sneakers, he says, was disappointing. One man opened his wallet and asked if he could donate cash to the store. Then, Thomas Jefferson staff turned a building into a school in 24 hours, 'A big part of my life...just destroyed': Farmersville family's home ruined in storm. So, tenants and workers cannot drive in the area to retrieve their property. “I’m angry and hurt,” Daniel said Saturday. ", RELATED: City begins brush clean-up following devastating Dallas tornado. Retired police captain shot dead in St. Louis while trying to protect store against looters. Colling explained, “I’m walking around with a couple of clips and a loaded 9mm.”, RELATED: Better Business Bureau warns tornado victims to watch out for scammers.

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