vespa elettrica 70 km/h

In ECO mode, at a top speed of 45 km/h, the Vespa Elettrica 70 km/h … As ever, the wasp-like rear profile that earned the original Vespa its nickname is in full effect, and it probably makes the most definite connection to the old-school machines. Half a century later, Vespa Primavera is preparing to celebrate its birthday too! Metal sheet goods make up the body with welded reinforcements in the stressed areas for extra strength without sacrificing weight. Though primarily a Harley rider, he has an appreciation for all sorts of bikes and doesn't discriminate against any particular brand or region of origin. Naturally, the Elettrica comes with wireless connectivity through the Vespa Mia system so you can network your smartphone and your scooter together. Piaggio is committed to the progression of EV scooters, and the Group proved it yet again at 2019 EICMA with its Vespa Elettrica 70 KM/H model. Left alone it makes for a nice bit of bling to dress up the rear end above the LED taillight and recessed rear turn signals. Introducing Vespa Elettrica, stylishly interpreting the desire for a new relationship between vehicle, environment and technology. As for the suspension, Vespa kept it old-school with its one-sided, aircraft landing-gear type front end that relies on a coil-over shock and trailing link to articulate for the rear wheel and soak up the bumps. Introducing Vespa Elettrica, stylishly interpreting the desire for a new relationship between vehicle, environment and technology. Unambiguously named the “Vespa … In profile, the legguard displays a graceful boomerang that splits the air ahead of your stems with a full footboard that leaves room to adjust your foot position under way for greater comfort. The Vespa 946 is the purest and most modern expression of a style that for millions of travellers and fans is a byword for freedom and movement. The Power Unit delivers 3.6 kW continuously with a 4.0 kW burst capability. The Elettrica 70 KM/H carries itself in much the same way as its slower sibling with plenty of that classic Vespa panache that has evolved over the last half-century and more. The Italians say you can charge it from a wall outlet, but our standard outlet is 110 V while theirs is 220 V, so keep that in mind when considering the convenience of charging. “EV scoots seem like they’re coming along, and I expect one more generational jump like this one will be all it takes to make the Elettrica truly viable as a get-around-towner. Sure, that’s cool for piping in your tunes and handling communications, but if your ride ever decides to grow legs (get stolen) while you’re not in attendance, the GPS function will bring you right back to it. Pick-up is exciting, the ride easy and enjoyable. The BMW is kinda chunky, less-than-graceful looking, and very good at what it does. A swing-mount drive unit serves as the swingarm ’cause it’s a scooter, and there’s an adjustable preload feature on the rear monoshock as the only ride-quality tweak to be found. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship, Vespa joins the electric bandwagon with the Electtrica, 4 h (minimum recharge time with 220 v power ), Verde Boreale, Giallo Lampo, Nero Profondo, Cromo, Grigio Fumo. Up to 100 km of autonomy thanks to the lithium-ion battery complete with recharge system during deceleration phases. Every trip becomes an excuse to enjoy yourself courtesy of Vespa Sprint's upgraded technical functions designed to heighten driving pleasure and safety. Electric mobility will never be the same. A special numbered version which stays true to Vespa's racing soul. The result is a higher top speed with no change to Vespa Elettrica’s typically sharp acceleration and with an almost identical range.

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